Whether it is the pioneers, railroad builders, gold hunters of yesteryears, or the students of today, the United States has always remained a popular hotspot, which in itself is not surprising as the USA offers some of the best advantages for young students.

Most of the top-ranked universities in the world are situated in the United States, which is not a coincidence, as the United States invests heavily in research infrastructure as well as the quality of academics. The United States also has the distinction of being home to the most number of universities

There is a huge demand for students who graduate from US universities, both in and out of the USA. For students who plan to stay in the country, a study in the USA offers them the opportunity to find work through the OPT or CPT program, and continue Living in the United States on a Work Visa once they find a more permanent job. Moreover, the USA has some of the top companies listed on the Fortune 500. Is it a wonder that the USA is known as the land of opportunities 



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